About US

We are about Dogs Helping Dogs.  We give back 5% of profits to the animal rescue community where you live.  One of our mottos is Feel Good.  Give Back.  We believe the world is an abundant place and we give back to help the cycle of abundance continue.

Dog Is My Religion is your global neighborhood source for natural dog treats, toys and gifts.  We are a global company that acts locally.  We source sustainable made in the USA products you will feel confident are natural and healthy for your companion animals.  We guarantee we will not sell out to "the man".  We will always hold true to our beliefs and what we know to be true.  True for your dog, true for you, and true for the planet.

Dog Is My Religion supports animal care and welfare globally.  We promote awareness and education of the importance of feeding the nutritional needs of our companion animals to help them thrive and live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Bless the animals of the Earth and be there for them. - Kristen Larson, Dog Mama Extraordinaire.  Divinely inspired by Hina the Hawaiian Moon Goddess